I love a hydrangea. (Notice I didn’t say ‘an hydrangea’ which would have been silly.) It’s so lusty and ripe, so abundant. I love that the blossoms turn color, depending on the acidity of the soil. (Or some do, in any case.) I love the name–it sounds like an island or a neurological condition, an… More Hydrangea

Freak Flag

You know the expression, Let Your Freak Flag Fly? It’s not a freak flag. It’s also not necessary the thing that makes you you, me me, her her, him him. It’s actually whatever thing (or group of things) we mistakenly think we need hide or get over or improve upon before we can be seen… More Freak Flag

What you have to do in this world, you cannot do alone

“What you have to do in this world, you cannot do alone,” Barbara Sher from WishCraft: How to Get What You Really Want.  I don’t remember ever feeling isolated growing up, or in school, or in the early years of being out in the world. Even when my first husband left suddenly when I was nearly… More What you have to do in this world, you cannot do alone

I am

I am Kyra, some years from now. I am solid, grounded, sturdy. I am clear about what I want, about what I have to offer. I protect my time. I take my time when answering questions. I listen to my body. I tune in to what my intuition is telling me. When I say yes, I… More I am

Go out to sea

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” –William G.T. Shedd What are you longing to do, to see, to make? Where do you want to go? What thing would you think back on at the end of your life and feel the most sorrow for having not tried? Listen… More Go out to sea